Ministry Schedule

Circle calendarIn the past, the scheduling of ministers was a daunting task done by one person.  The ministry scheduler had to keep track of dates people could not serve, what their mass preferences were, and what ministry they preferred to serve in.  With the new online scheduling system, it is preconfigured using data that is input by each individual minister.  It then creates a schedule and emails reminders of assignments to the ministers.  Ministers are able to drop assignments for whatever reason and other ministers can fill vacant spots via the online desktop tool or the Ministry Pro app.  This new scheduling system is a living schedule that changes based on the lives of our ministers.  It also serves to be readily available via a smartphone which helps promote parishioners to take an active role in our ministry offerings.

Please use this link to go to the most recent ministry schedule:

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Please use this link to go to the desktop Web Terminal for ministers to view their schedule and
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