Catholic Education

  • High School  Confirmation 
    Yr 1 Sundays 2-4
    Yr 2 Sundays 4-6pm

  • Saint Project YR2

    Reminder, Year 2 Students will begin to work on their Saint Project this coming Sunday.  Please come prepared with your materials.  Attached you will find a PDF with guidelines for the project.

    Students will choose to present from one of the following days:  
    Wednesday, Oct. 18 5:45pm-7:15pm
    Thursday Oct. 19 5:30 pm-7pm
    Wednesday, Oct. 25 5:45pm-7:15pm
    Thursday, Oct. 26.  5:30pm-7pm

    Students will set up in the Wismer hall on Wednesdays or Craft room on Thursdays in the Religious ed building.  Students were instructed they will present the saint of their choice to the CCE Students during the CCE rotations.  

    We will work for one hour to complete this project over the next three class days.  Students may bring laptops/ipads/smart phones to use to research their Saint.  It is recommended your student return with a portion of the research started to maximize the worktime.       

    If your student is unable to attend during one of the presentation days, please let us know by  Sunday 9/24/2023.  Saint project is a required activity.  

  • A.C.E. Adult Catechetical Enrichment

  • Catholic Family Life: Keeping our religious practice a natural rythm of life